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Review of Herb Drying Handbook: Includes Complete Microwave Drying Instructions by Nora Blose and Dawn Cusick

Coverage: Preservation of herbs

Date: 1993

ISBN: 0806902817

Pages: 96 including index

This book is in two parts – the first part covers the procedures for harvesting and drying herbs in general terms, with the second covering specifics for a number of herbs. This is a fairly simple book – it covers exactly what you would expect it to cover without a lot of frills. Excellent source of information on a number of herbs that aren’t normally covered in other works – such as chicory, coneflower, pennyroyal, santolina, and a number of other less-frequently encountered herbs.

While this work isn’t something that a beginner should be worrying about, for someone looking to get into herb growing and preserving – this would be an excellent resource for their bookshelf.

Usefulness to the beginning prepper: 1 of 10

Usefulness to the advanced prepper: 6 of 10

General type of work: Herbs and food preservation