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Review of The Next New Madrid Earthquake: A Survival Guide for the Midwest by William Atkinson


Coverage: Earthquake risks in the Midwest

Date: 1989

ISBN: 0809313200

Pages: 210 including index


Although this book bills itself as a “Survival Guide” it really is more focused on the history of the New Madrid fault, rather than a practical handbook to how to survive an earthquake. Only 50 pages are focused on the “future” of the fault, and a good chunk of that discusses emergency planning by the government. There are some good maps showing the projected zones of damage for various intensity of future quakes – which are quite useful if you live near the New Madrid fault. Much of the earlier part of the book is focused on earthquake theory as well as the history of the fault – which while interesting isn’t really very useful for preparing for the next one. The section that does detail how to prepare for another quake is helpful, but is probably not detailed enough for total preparedness. I found the maps of projected intensity to be the most useful part of the book – and would recommend getting the book through inter-library loan if you live in the Midwest just to check out that aspect. Spending any serious money on a used copy of this is probably not worth it. Buy a general “earthquake preparedness” book instead and just get the localized information in this book through ILL.


Usefulness to the beginning prepper: 1 of 10

Usefulness to the advanced prepper: 1 of 10

General type of work: Specific disaster preparedness – localized