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Review of Cookin’ With Home Storage by Peggy Layton and Vicki Tate


Coverage: Cooking

Date: 1999

ISBN: 1882723392

Pages: 306 not including index


This book is exactly what its title claims it is – a LOT of recipes designed to use home stored foods. It isn’t exactly a book of recipes on how to used dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, but it does make extensive use of canned or otherwise preserved foods. Nor is this book really designed for a “grid-down” situation, as many of the recipes presuppose a modern oven or stovetop.

Those caveats aside, this is an excellent “back to basics” cookbook with an extensive selection of bread recipes, as well as the usual sections on side dishes, desserts, main dishes, etc. A nice addition is a section on baby needs which gives recipes for baby formula and food. Also helpful are sections on household cleaners as well as making “survival food” such as food bars or jerky. The section on survival foods also has some recipes for stews and other foods cook-able over an open fire.

An appendix at the back gives directions for reconstituting dried foods as well as substitutions that can be made if you are lacking an ingredient.

All in all, this is an excellent and important book that anyone starting up a food storage program should probably buy. The recipes will help you actually use and rotate your food storage, which is always a goal of storing food. Although not quite as useful in a disaster, it would still come in handy there, as there are enough recipes not dependent on modern equipment to allow one to add some variety to your diet in a disaster.


Usefulness to the beginning prepper: 10 of 10

Usefulness to the advanced prepper: 9 of 10